My my radio oh no
ulla ulla ugha ugha
Pop chuari yeah come on !My girl my girl my girl
Won't listen
won't listen to my radio
She says "Now big deal !
Big deal ! Wanna see the picture show"
She kicks her highheel
sneakers all around my head
Into the hifi speakers
of my stereo setMy radio my radioWhen I was just about this tall
We didn't have no receiver at all
We just picked up the sounds
right from the streets
For we didn't a sound machine
When I earned my first money you know
I rushed into the shop and bought a radio
I still recall those younger days
When radios were supplying
sounds from outer spaceMy radio my radioAll the way from Memphis
And California IA
Sounds are coming to us and
sounds are here to stayMy radio my radioChorus

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