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Your choose to face the world
With a gun in your hand
A cruel reality you just don't understand
by following these trends
this gangster shit is in
By playing it blind you overcome your sins

Unfortunately my brother you didn't reach the surface
Backed up against the walls of life said Fuck the justice
Your ways of dealing with it have always paid the bills
No matter how far the stetch cuz you have to got the skills

From the left to the right You failed to see the light
now from A State pen cell
Nobody shines
We're talking about a motion Of a new generetion
You better make your moves fast
This is your life son

Give it up, Give it back
Drop the attitude and be yourself

Of course you're always thinking about getting some more
Your beat of life has costed you more that You could reallyafford
Now straight-up and face the truth
You're losing your mind by trying to be another player
You'll just and up inside


From many point of view we're moving forward...
But from many other points of view We're going backwards

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