Foto do artista Rakoth

Farewell (The Bloodstained Flowers)


Farewell to all, I'm in arms of eternal sleep In mourning hall your sorrow for me is too deep No feeble thought, you gaze into the void Think what you are before the eternity Staring with awe yet unbelieving The vision before your eyes - the bloodstained flowers... An everlasting torment Moaning, crying, in flowers body lying Rain of tears is pouring from your mourning eyes Depression, sorrow, for me there's no tomorrow Now you take all pain and grief for my demise My coat is shroud and the coffin is my only home Don't moan so loud, let me rest, don't make my soul roam Blessed are the strong, the strong with spirit And grief is supressed by fierce impact The flash of insight reveals desire To join me within my grave - the godless craving... An act of desperation Don't cry for me, can't you see - I feel better now My soul is free so get near and kiss my cold brow And no tears last - the chalice is empty Extict the feelings, fear's gone and forgotten And in your dream I beckon to follow Come share my afterlife... I'll wait

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