Clawfucking God's Planet


Hail evil
Hail evil

Wreathed in midnight and mayhem
Raping the new-damned dawn
Fisting the ape-spawned jackal, all claws extend to thee
Lapdogs for satan and strife
Raping the human host of christ
Extinguish the beggar savior from his filthy flock

Human cunting fucks
Bring thy shackled dogs to the slaughter (hail'all'evil)

Hominidae sapiens, requiem
The wild cries, requiem

Frost, fangs, and thunder
Borne of wrath infernal
Feral and uncompromised, bestial fucking genocide
The razor tongue of hell
Unleashed upon your fattened throats
To free the glistening gore upon our pelts

Badge of blood
Die like the brutes who devolved you (hail...all'evil)

Hominidae sapiens, requiem
The wild cries, requiem

Hail evil
Hail evil
And hail the goddamned devil

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