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At The State Fair With A White Trash Sucker


Let me tell you 'bout a kid I know.
We met awhile ago.
At the State Fair.
He was showing his blue ribbon pig.
And I was thinking big.
While I was combing my hair.
He was never like the other guys
Selling curly-fries
Or rigging the games.
4-H was his one true love.
We'd hang out above
The dunk-tank when it rains.

Gonna step-up, step-up. step right up,
I'm never ever coming home. (x2)

I'm really into the boys that work there.
The feeling you get when your ticket they tear.
Four days in May: The State Fair!

I used to go out with this other man.
He ran the snow-cone stand.
He looked good from behind.
I like a baggy kind of overall.
They don't really show it all.
I can use my mind.

Come step-up step right up.
I'm never ever coming home.

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