My dreams see a naked skull. that's our earth! woods became
Wrinkles on her dry layer of dust. it remembers everything with pain to
Survive, it means to suffer all of ignorance, hatred envy. every human is a flaw
Of earth's next existence. biological death is long ago broken.
Its cry are brooks of tears, dirty they roll in the slots
Of the old face. every next attack destroys their band more and more. how long?
Still alive? try to hold out! try to stand for a next age. don't be a naive, this
Process can't be turned. my dreams can see a child, a new prospect of development.
But it knows, what his expectation. it will be all ready dead and cries
For a soon death. so be alive for a little moment or die unborn unseen the uncoming age.
I want to get drowned! drown in the drops, of my dirty tears. this is not normal process.
Appaling spawn's be wonderfull, when falling from the sky.
Stop tne next age, 'cause we'll pray for our children short lives
And their hear death. stop their unseen destiny. i want to be other to dissolve
My selve in them they will clear up my fate.

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