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I Can Still Feel You

Collin Raye

It's that feeling that someone is standing behind you
then I turn around and there's no one there.
And it's the sensation that someone just whispered,
yeah I still hear your voice but you're not really here.
Your memory's like a ghost,
and my heart is its host.

I can still feel you just as close a skin, every now and then.
All by myself, in a crowded room, on my empty bed.
There's a place you've touched with your love no one else getsto...
I can still feel you, I can still feel you, I can still feelyou.
I can still feel you...

you said you'd love me forever, then you said 'It's over"
and left me without the missing link.
Well I thought I'd forget you, but I guess I forgot to,
and lately I've been too confused to think.
When I reach for someone new, it's like I'm touching you.

(repeat Chorus)

In everything that moves,
in everything I do...

(repeat Chorus)

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