Take this, you know what i want
you take what you need
i'll give whatever it takes to get you off
the chains that hold you to the life
you live with no direction
i can grant you the addiction
orgasmic constant pleasure
from fucking pain
beg to your master
flee from reality
fantasy and hardcore relief
leave it all behind
don't let that motherfucker rape you blind
let me dominate you
take control of every avenue
this is what you deserve
this is what you deserve
beg for me i give you what you need
cut and bleed rituals come hither creed
break away pleasure awaits your heart
rush inside before it tears you apart
right now degeneracy takes control of your mind
immortal thoughts encompass all that you'll find
just follow your emotions
let the rest take direction
fall into my world
crawl into my world
crawl into my world
fall into my world

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