Home For Fall

Real Friends

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So much has changed back home since you left without packing all your things
I always drive past your house hoping you'll be sitting on your porch
I still smell the smoke on your clothes
And I can still hear those secondhand stories fall off your tongue

It's just not the same around here without you
Most of the time I feel like you're in over your head out there
You ran away from the midwest and traded it in for beaches and east coast sunsets
Don't take in too much too soon

Keep your chin up out there
Don't forget where you came from and who cares about you
Whenever you're missing home, just look at your arm
You've got the state lines inked into your forearm
There's still memories of you pinned on my wall

Maybe you'll be here next year to waste the fall away, watching the leaves blow across my driveway
We could listen to American Football and talk about high school
Just like we did the years before