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Bobby pleaded guilty to the charges that they read
as they lead him from the court room a young voice turned hishead
a little boy dressed in blue was standing at the rail
he said i hope they kill you i hope you go to hell. well theylocked
Bobby in a jail with fourty other men they all knew what he haddone
they were glad to let him in they'd all read the headlines aboutBobby
and his wife how they loved each other and how he took her life
and day after day he sat alone night after night they'd hear himsing his
song -chorus- he'd sing baby i'll take care of you i'll never letyou down no
harm will ever come to you as long as i'm around I am not afraidof what
people say of do the only thing I fear is being here withoutyou
Well the little boy dressed in blue grew up to be a man
and when he fell in love himself he came to understand how itwas
when Bobby took the life they both adored cause he couldn't standto
see her suffer anymore, he took out the papers from a trunkbeneath
his bed and all the years just disappeared as through his tearshe
read the stories of the accident that robbed his mommas mind
the man who held her in his arms and chose to cut the line,
and the one about the man who sits alone year after year singinghis
song -repeat chorus- the young man drove his car and parkedoutside
the gate they lead him to a cold gray room the gaurd told him towait
and when the gaurd brought Bobby in the young man finally knew
he still missed his momma but he missed his daddy too
and when the gaurd left the two of them alone he took Bobby in
his arms and the young man sang his song he sang Daddy i'll
take care of you i'll never let you down no harm will ever cometo
you as long as i'm around you have taught me not to fear what
people say or do and the only thing that hurts is being herewithout

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