Dethroning your god killing of all saints
My eyes ablaze with anger
Burning all the nations rebellious vengeance
Can't wait for holy salvation
Thunderous screams rumble the earth
As the filthest ritual begins
Bloody storms infernal and mortal decrees
Fall from dark skies
Insane belief's dogmatic thoughts
Decadent morality falling away
Only the rebel god's immortality
Shall survive

Rising the rebellious vengeance
Rising the fiery ball of dark light
Burning the kingdom of fallacy
Spiritless frightful fiery suns
World of hypocrisy perished in fire
Mankind will smoulder without a last breath
Rising the empire of fear in this land
Rebellious vengeance now takes command

New eyes for the rebel souls
Destroying the labyrinth with burning desire
Grand ascension to the throne
Mankind in perpetual decay

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