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Caught by the moonlight
A silent mist
A shimmer in the trees
Oh what a night for dreams
A night of destiny
Others are sleeping
So unaware of magic in the air
Magic you weave just for me
Io sono prigionièra

Sweet fascination
Though I don't understand
The words you say
You whisper soft and low
And I am swept away
Touch of enchantment
I tremble when you
Hold me close this way
Drawn like a moth to a flame

*Io sono prigionièra
My fate is in your arms tonight
Though love is shining in your eyes
Will you be mine tomorrow
Io sono prigionièra
My heart will nevermore be free
A part of you I'll always be
From now until eternity

Deep as the ocean
With every kiss
I'm deeper in your spell
Love me again tonight
You are my one desire
Waves of emotion
I know that this
Is where I want to be
Locked in your arms with no key

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