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Big Dogs


Def Squad Wu Tang
(check it check it out)
Verse 1: Method Man [Redman in brackets]
[Yo yo Method Man yo yo Iron Lungs]
[Call us gorillas in the myst]
[Raunchy vocalist]
Your code name
[Whats yo' name]
Hot Nix
Who them slick kids puffin that shit holdin they dicks
[Yo them same two drivin yo whip fuckin yo bitch]
Hold me down son
[Yo I hold you down with the pound]
You got a lot of buiscits
[Ayo but where they at now?]
Diggy down yo we resevior dogs, you puppy chow-chow
Got my mittens on the kitten, lickin it now-now
[Yo we bring the beef to you, infest it with the mad cow]
[We set to load]
Cock and squeeze
We too hard to hold off
[One arm slam ya like Nicoli Volkov]
When i dip dip dappa [dappa]
The anti-socializa [liza]
Everything be ice cream from _?_
[We rock ya, knock ya fuckin whole team off the roster]
[Starting lineup, Iron Lung]
The funk docta
Verse 2: Method Man
Johnny blaze the ghost rider [uh]
Ghost stories by the campfire [uh]
The night breed [vampire!]
Duckin from the head rushin [uh]
Wu Tang production
Precussions bringin reprecussions
I hold my mike sideways bustin [bustin]
Another one bites the dust and
Cardiac arrest
Clutchin your chest suckin your last breath
In awe, period meth
dyin from papercuts, Bleedin to death
Down these mean streets johnny quest [uh]
Get that money sack [uh]
These habitats aint no place to raise family at [family at]
These alley cats be at war with these dirty rats
So watch you back when you come to the slum
There aint nowhere to run from the iron

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Composição: Clifford Smith / Erick Sermon / R. Noble. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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