A roof of a tower,
an edge of sky
Circular motion around
Obsessed whisper
from a depth of my brain
But no reason to run
A hole in space inevitably grows
The end of times
Mortal enemies stop fighting
Their swords fall out of hands
Hatred is weightless now
Infinite abyss of universe
Absorbs last sparks of my mind
I feel a breath of another world
Arisen picture in front of my eyes
Doubts torment me, to step or not
Earth groans under weight of perennial wars
One moment else and I dissolve
Silent tower firmly stays
Gray stone-giant of eternity
None of us could tear this chain
Who was elected in maturity
Touchable images torment me
Future came at last
Thousand fingers prick my soul
By needles of lie
A hole in space inevitably grows
The end of times
Overcome these stairs
Non-existence gates
Window to nowhere
Ocean of bliss
Overcome your fears
Free your miseries
Lightning of new way
Breath of unexplored

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