I've been thinking about the simple life I'd like to have with you
We could build...
A house in the hills
A mighty place where we could stay
And my
Friends come to stay to visit
Wondering why I've thrown it all away
I feel strange with language
Which I haven't spoken in awhile
Well my friends this is the simple life
Our own kids...
A thousand in the yard
Filthy, they join us in the living room
They ask me:
Who my friends are
Before I met them all what was my life like
So I
Hot box from the basement
And try to explain what I use to do
They're going through all the cresent photos
My chilidren say that that isn't like you
Well my kids...
That was not the simple life
So I
Without my funny looking sandales
Head down to the market for some food
And I
Scratch my feelings out of here
And go on long walks with you
With my wife, walking through the simple life
Well my kids, tell my friends good-bye
It's time my friends to go back to the good life
Oh, such a simple life

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