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Just Act Like

Richard Lugo

Richard Lugo…
Uh huh yeah… you know what?
Uh huh
I think you should be feeling me… hehe yeah..

Verse 1:
I seen you fall through dressed up in the all black
Flossin' with your girl oh baby I love that
Talking on your cell phone, lookin' real cute
I'm feeling you…

How old are you?

I don't really feel that it is important
Take a chance baby if you see what you want
If you really wanna test just go ahead and you will see


That I'm, ready to be,
all that, you need from me,
don't let this one minor detail throw you off girl.
I can give you more than,
someone who's much older,
I know I can make you happy just try me.

Chorus (x2):

Just act like, you never knew my age at all,
forget about that and give me a call,
Guys your age have tried to,
but they must do nothing for you

Verse 2:

These words from my mouth must be amusing,
cause everything I say seems to increase your grin,
you get a big kick out of all this playing,
but I got you here, listening.

I know you gotta think I'm fly and all,
Cause if you didn't then you would be gone,
You can front for all your girls but hey I know you're feelin'me, ooohh…


Chorus (x4)


Don't try to pretend that you don't really my love
When you're with your friends, tell them the truth
Baby, Just act like you do…

(Chorus to fade)

Japser Cameron
Japser Cameron
Carlton Lynn
Carlton Lynn
Ricco Lumpkin
Dallas Austin
Freeworld baby, come on! come on!

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