I got good luck in my pocket and a good shine on my shoes
I got a silk shirt in my closet that I'm not afraid to use
Yeah a little fortune cookie told me help is on the way
The tables may be turning it could happen any day

You can't lose them all you can't lose them all
You can't lose them all

Well I could go down in history or I could go up in smoke
Be the center of attention or the butt of every joke
Yeah but every time I get shot down I justify the risk
Because I come a little closer to a hit with every miss

You can't lose them all...

Outside my window there's a blue horizon
But it seems so far away
A ray of hope that I can keep my eye on
[ guitar ]
If I'm playing on the B-team or I'm sittin' on the bench
It ain't for lack of trying or a lack of confidence
When I reach my full potential then somebody gets my drift
All the stars are gonna line up and the tides are gonna shift

You can't lose them all...

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