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I Count The Minutes

Ricky Martin

This world don't turn
When you're not in my arms
The sun don't shine
Whenever I'm without you
And there's an empty space inside my heart
When you're gone
And whenever you're gone, it's too long
And the waiting is driving me crazy
Baby, I'm not alive
'Till you're here by my side, oh

I count the minutes (I count the minutes)
I count the hours (I count the hours)
I count the seconds
Till you're here by my side again
And every minute (every minute)
Goes on for hours (goes on for hours)
Until you're with me
Till I look in your eyes again
And time is standing
Still 'till you're here with me
I need your love to set me free
Set me free

Each night's a lifetime
When I'm not with you
And every day
Just seems to take forever
I'm missing when I should be kissing you
I can't wait!
'Cause I live for the love that we make
I can't breathe 'til I feel you beside me
And I'm lost in the dark
Till you're here in my arms, oh

I can't wait a minute more
Just to touch you
'Cause I love you baby
Don't make me stay away from you too long
'Cause the waiting is driving me crazy
Baby I'm not alive
Till you're here by my side

I count the minutes
I count the hours
I count the seconds to you with me girl
And every minute
Goes on for hour, yeah
Till I look in your eyes again

I count the minutes, I'm without you
And every minute goes on for hour
'Til I look in your eyes again

'Til I look in your eyes again!

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