Papa worked but his cheque was small mama sowed just to help us all
And our old house sure needed paint nd when it rained the roof would leak
Well the teacher's pet was Susie Grout born with the silver spoon in her mounth
Miss Goody two shoes in sonerity
And I was a little Miss Nothin' and they thought of me as
The girl most likely yea yea yea the girl most likely
To wind up in uhhuh jam they judged by the way I looked not the way I am
Well I guess it's true I looked apart but developin' fast was not my fault
Didn't know my sexappeal showed through
Those made over clothes and run down shoes
Now the doctor's son is hidin' out and the whole town knows what it's all about
Because the evidence is plain ha it ain't me it's Susie Jane
The girl most likely yea yea yea the girl most likely
Susie's daddy is on the run and he sure looks funny with that hot shot gun
Well the weddin' bells can't wait till June it'd better be now or else real soon
Susie Jane is in the jam hey listen that gun go wam wam wam
Well some of that talk is dyin' now and there's a lot of most likelys in this town
Just because a house needs a coat of paint
That doesn't mean a girl is somethin' she ain't

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