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Rio Romeo


You know, it feels good
To stay out this late
The last guy I knew said, be home by eight
You know, it's getting hard
To not come up to you
'Cause when I heard your voice
It threw me out of tune

What do I do yeah
What do I do yeah
What do I do yeah
What do I do?

And oh shit!
I think it's time that I admit!
You're just my type, do you get it?
So I gotta ask
Do you like the girl in red?
And God damn!
Things are getting way out of hand
And in the background there's a baby grand

You fucking got this bitch
Come on, let's go
You're amazing rio
Fuck it up
Get into it

Hyping me up so I just stood there and said
You know I really like you, but are you like, y'know

I dunno

She walks away and laughs
And I feel like an ass
And then I go back home
I don't check my phone
I woke up the next day
A dm said, hey
It was the girl from that party that I was at

What do I do yeah
What do I do oh
Oh, yeah!
What do I do yeah
What do I do?

I said hey, sorry if I was too straightforward
She said no, it's not that, honestly I was honored
I said then why'd you turn away and sneer?
She said that we already went on a date last year
(Oh, what do I do?)

Oh shit!
I fucked this one up I will admit!
I've got the memory of a goldfish
But since I'm here now
Do you wanna try this one again?
And God damn!
She tells me we had a one-night stand
And if she recalls it was quite grand
But I fucking swear that I've never seen her before

Are you fucking kidding me?
That's kinda fucked up
You're the fucking worst
I've been there rio, you're alright

No no no no no
Hold on hold on hold on
Since I saw her like a year before
She grew out her hair
And she like started wearing makeup again
So then I didn't feel like such a fucking asshole for not recognizing her
That's a lil problematic rio, dontcha think?

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