A shallow grave and burial
Mother earth cannot consume
And once again forced out, discharged
Expelled from her mundane womb

Usurp my lifeless body
Bathing with souls stuck in purgatory
While screams shriek from wraiths
From mouths sewn shut

I am not the son of god
But the infant of galaxies

Black waves pound the ashes
Of decaying shores
Floating in dead seas
I close my eyes to the world

Lets stars implode and blakc holes devour
A thousand plagues and afflictions
Enigmas of raptures in reverse
As violent quartets played their overtures

Near the point of reezing
I drink from
The siren's chalice

Euphoric symphonies
A tyranny to the masses
Mortal man will dread

Retracing footsteps of darkened memories
Adrift in astral planes
Chaos had choose my fate
Do not resusitate...

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