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I'm So In Love

Paulina Rubio

So many times you promised me,
you promised that you'd write.
And so much time has passed
but I can't face that fact tonight.

My friends all ask the question,
I don't know what to say.
I'm haunted everywhere I go
by the mention of your name.

I've been so frustrated,
my heart's devestated,
and yet fascinated...
I'm so much in love with you!

I'm so in love, so much in love,
I'm still in love with you.
Somehow you played me,
you lied and betrayed me--
yet I'm in love with you.

All those nights of romance,
wrapped in your embrace.
Tenderly you learned my secrets
and all their state of grace.

Hopelessly I fell hard,
helplessly I cried.
When finally I heard the rumors
that couldn't be denied.


I close my eyes, I see your face,
I feel your touch, it only gets worse,
and I try to forget, I try to forget...

Chorus (untill fade)

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