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Make up your mind
We're hurting inside
Every single breath I take is spitting out your name
We'll see in time
This choice is not mine
You can't see my answer cos' my heart is simply dead

The gate swung
No hurting her
Your mind's closed
Just let me in
This countdown is breaking me
Just don't leave

My timing's off
It moves like your own
When you said it's all done
Your clinginess tore up my mind
While I'm gone you'll still be with me
Be with me

You try saying everything's over
And try saying everything's gone

Any single problem in your wondering mind
The problem is my ordinary life

Can't take back what you said long ago
No time for apologies I know
Don't be denying it
Then we've had it all
I'm waiting, trying
I keep holding on...

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Composição: Jon Berry / Rufio / Scott Sellers. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.
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