Rip out your heart
Show you the skin
Pulsing perfect paper thin
Pull out your eyes
How the light does shine
Inside those gaping holes your brilliant mind
There’s no time
We’ll never be fine
This world’s just a disaster in disguise
You don’t know
And you’re sacred of the unknown
Well I know you know more than you think you know
Cuz your hollow bones
Can’t leave the sky alone
Feathers falling for the ground below
I’ll see you sometimes
We’ll fall in side by side
It’s daytime and the sun shines in your eyes
We’ve got time
There’s plenty of time
We’ll eat the whole world with our eyes
You don’t know
I know you know
You don’t think so
Well I think so
And, yea, we’ll all die
Everything good dies
Just now: Feel that bloody warmth
Makes you alive

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