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Baby I Love You

Ryan Adams

If I lie to you
Will you still be mine?
I want you to stay
Tell me when it's ok

If I'm tired as I'm blue
Could you still be mine?
When the summer fades
And the autumn turns to grey
Can you hold me?
Can you hold on one more day or two?
Baby I love you

If I cry to you
Can you hold me still?
I don't want any more tears
I'm just broken from the years
If I lie to you
Cuz the truth might sting
Is it better to know
What's worse than letting go
Pressing the bruise to watch it grow
Baby please don't go

All you need
What you need
What you need is love
Is love
Is love
You're better off imagining a heaven above

If I lie to you
Would you still be mine?
When the winter strays
And the ice has melted away
I will try for you
If you'll still be mine
I just want you to know
I'll never let you go
I will never let you go
I'l never let you go away