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Summertime Feeling

S Club 7

Slow down cuz you move too fast
Close your eyes and let the day go past
Feelin' the sun and the breeze in your hair
Let the waves take away your cares
I'm feeling good today
Just wanna listen to the flowers say
See if the cool wind carries my dreams
Watch you playing in the sunbeams

I-got that summertime feeling
(Got me dreaming summertime feeling)
I-got that summertime feeling
(Got me dreaming s club feeling)

So we're taking a drive today
Friends in the back everythings ok
Your my ice-cream dream when we're fooling around
Don't want this heat to ever cool down
So ease your mind, set yourself free
Don't push what comes naturally
Making love in the afternoon
Sun's gonna shine on everything


Don't waste you time on problems
Step outside and let the summertime solve them
Sat indoors can drive you crazy
Have you had any fun just lately

repeat chrous til fade

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