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Nothing (feat. S. Buriez)


Wake up, look at yourself,try not to pretend
Wake up, stop wearing these clothes of someone
Hollow, proudly walk into this fucked up, void
Afraid, you're cheating yourself,never face your fears
Tell me sweet baby how does it feel to be

Nothing you're living your life being
Nothing diluted and proud you're just
Nothing living through their eyes,you'll be
Nothing realize someday you 'll die

Try hard everyday to be someone
Wasting your life on self inproving
You fell unique,you're cool,you're the onre
Walking dead,my friend you're nothing

This is your life
It is your life
It doesn't get any better than this
This your life
Wasting your time on self inproving
This is your life
Realise someday you'll die

Nothing is what you feel
Nothing is what you fear
Nothing is what is you just will be

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