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Clean Heart


Clean heart
Clean and sharp
Clean dream
Bad start

He loved his brother and his sister
Luke and tony called him mister
They made him feel much more
Like a man
He loved his daddy though he never told him
And how he loved his mother
He loved
He loved her like an italian

Little janet said you look so fine
So fine
Something in his smile
Made them feel like strangers
And then he straightened his belt
With a lover's touch
And he said i'm gonna bring home
The things that are out of your clutch

Seemed like the hottest night in summer
A heat that makes you feel like dying

Somewhere in the next block
There was a baby crying

Finger on the trigger for the years to come

And as the moon slid up over the restless streets
Sirens mocking and people stop to see
Their greedy eyes don't realise
He's someone's son
Finger on the trigger for the years to come

Finger on the trigger for the years to come

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Composição: Andrew Hale / Sade Adu / Stuart Matthewman. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.
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