Bitch I'm blacked out in the rave
Homie I'm bout to pass out
Jaguar paw been running
I'm hunting bag now
Clash with the claws or homie you gettin clapped out
Tracked down fucking with black
You better back down
Black craft
Bottomless stash
Fill gas house
Trash house
All these celebare I'm bouta crash now
Black out
Wake up every morning bust a pack down
Facts proud
I can pay the billies with the trap now
Sad still
I been poppin pillies like they advil
Mad max I been on the edge
Smoke mad pack
Last act send me the suits cause I'm a class act
Knowing all I'm worth
N shooting pass that
I been in light I don't feel right

I been gettin high I dnt need a life
I been outamind hope I'm healing right
I been laying low staying out of sight

I don't wana die before I even shine
In the morgue with a whore that ain't even mine

I been in the light I don't feel right
I been gettin high I don't need a life
I been out my mind hope I'm healing right
I been laying low

Crowd aroused as I burn in a fucking plane crash
The devil want its pay back
So I'ma have to stay back
The vision want its lane back
And I aint never seen nobody get they fuckin face snatched
The beauty of a plane crash - no pay back
The villains want a staycap
Or nightcap, so I'ma have to listen
You’ll probably catch me guarding gates or giving out decisions
2 eyes watching bones scatter around in a prison
Cause I'm leading death and I ain't listening to bitchin
You bitches

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