There is unleft from now on
There is nomore anywhere
Be respectfully, be reverence, by sacrifice
My power and enjoyful sensation is rooted by you
Don't turn around
Go to walk to walk until my command
Already trash supply has used for me in your around
As much, I'm compatible, so much enjoyed
Clueless thing of you has made value thing is my great work of art

Asking is useless, you must only obey and follow
Remorse is exclusive of weakness thing
My pleasure is from your pain
Sacrifice and extinction
My all hate and disillusion is based on you

Feel the vicious pain through my body and grudge?
Don't begging by the name of remorse
Foolish an act as you look like a donkey
You was wanted dream is come true
But you is never same yesterday

The cell- mass full of arrogant and cunning is sunset
Finally truth is arise
You feel cunning and see the cruelty this world?
Let see the hunger on your sight
Human afterimage of pay bride for the moment of glee...

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