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I Like It ( Sandro)

Sandro G

YO! you see me cruzen down the ave
Boss player comin baby don't you wanna grab
My whole staff makin tons of cash
So much money you can put it in trash bags… Now who's bad

I'm running with tony g.
That crazy Portuguese,
Watching him as he makes you bleed
You got that

I heard that you like it raw
You come to close I'm a cut chya like a chainsaw
You know the dizzie, I keep it for reazie its off the hizzie forcheesie they always keeping me busy
That I'm maken you dizzie


I like it (bis x3)
You know I like it
I wanna it (bis x3)
You know I wanna it
I like it (bis x3)
You know I like it
I wanna it (bis x3)
Sandro I wanna it

Now you wanna be big and bad,
come to my getho I'm a show you what you never had
We put food on the table then you gotta eat it,
you gotta see it to believe it then you wanna leave it comeplayer

I'm up in my burrow
Study juto with nuno
Now I'm up in my studio
with a.c gutto

Put me in the stressts
Introduce me to peeps,
you can pump it in your jeep these african betas
Yo! I'm bouncin in the club

I get nothing but love,
layed back in the cut while I'm smoking a bud,
I got a big bag of haze that will last me for days
you better sit back relax I got paper to claim


And I know even know who we are
My family they whole life been behind bars
We push cane, pop guns, like billy the kid
Come on bicth… I know that you be feelin this shit

Yo! I'm getho survivor
Deserving a medal
Put the pedal to the medal, then its off to the kennel
I'm a dog a husteler, cut ya for real
You know the deal, your deadmeat like a happy meat

I'm a feal like a don't tit day that I'm gone
poor the per ion for Bobby the teflone your singing the samesong
Your eyes are like hong kong
Spelling your name long

And I ask myself… Who the fucks are you?


Now you wanna stab me in the back Wrong move,
I'm that player, ready to to attack, come on kid
When you bring it then you better pack
I got a nine milameter now you do the math

It's a glock 17 with one in the chamber
You know the player escape then I'm a catchin you later
You know the drit, raised up on a hill, you know the deal, thebean
I'm a killer for reat yo! They label me a pretty boy a littletoy, don't you know I'm a bad boy… come on now!

Know I've got the thing everybody likes…


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