Follow me...

Someday I'll stop trying and I'll know
how much time I've wasted always wanting more
I doubt you'll end up where you need to be with me
I tend to run in circles, while I swim in my own sea
I can run and play and dive into the ocean
I can touch the sand and feel it slip away

you could follow me, I don't know where
I'm going, you could follow me
You could follow me, it might nog be the
smartes thing to do but you could follow me...

I want you to be happier than me
I'm a poor example of a carefree human being
Here's a list of thing I w ish to be
your pllow and your blanket and your
life time garantee
I can love you all the way across the ocean
And I doubt that that will ever go away

you could follow me...

If I stop believing there's a reason for my life,
I might as well stop trying to make
sense of what is right,
you could follow me...

but you Should follow me

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