Voices screaming of suffering
Screaming from the void inside my head
Voices screaming in agony
That everything inside is dead and dying
Vast corridors I walk and listen
To endless purgatorial misery
I must soon escape from this mental asylum

Every day of my life
I see and hear the dark reality
It is only a beginning of the fucking end
A world so corrupted and brutal
That reigns in humany stupidity
Happiness are for those who can pretend
Living my days in the shadows
Trying not to care at all
To save this world is not my fucking goal
It is already so infested
By all this monsterous horror
There is no escape for a single soul

Torment rides forever
Never say never
Torment rides forever
As a sleepless malice

Mankind prays to their gods
For mercy and salvation
But they are the true sinners
The true plague of devastaion
Where ever I walk on this planet
Where ever I search on this earth
There is a sick form of conspiration

So here I still marching on
Until my soul reaches beyond
To the other side free and independent
I do not obey your fucking religion
I do not serve your political agenda
Cause hell is already on the horizon
Torment rides forever
As a industrial machinery of death
Torment rides forever
Untill your last breath

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