Fine, you've shut me out the door is barred
That's alright, I know exactly where you are
But the keys are gone
And I'm scared to death you'll take this threat too far

So what was going through your head that day
You hit her deadline and lacked the words that could explain
When I saw it in her face
I went straight to you and kept watch through pouring rain

She always swore she'd have her way
And you paid the price it's true and turned on me
But I never betrayed
First after fist I stuck around
Silent I watched you hit the ground

Everyday I drove from your hotel to my high school
I talked less and less made sure none of my friends knew
So when you said it was my fault
I had to believe you

Fight cause too much blood has stained my hands
Please hold on tight I know exactly where you stand
But save your breath cause what you breathe will you kill you faster than I can

So if you go
Just remember you'll be taking away all that I know
You make your choice, but I'll be lying here with my face pressed to the ground
Praying to hear your voice

And you said that I should come along
Let's fall into the earth together we could finally escape
We could be gone

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