Foto do artista Sarrafa

At War With the World


Hit Me Like a Hammer to My Head
We Thrashed in Bed Baby
Drove a Truck Right Through My Life
Struck Me Like a Knife
There's a Finger in My Pie, Someone Else's Guy
Caught You With Your Pants Down, Fingers in the Till
Caught You Stealing Something, My Last Thrill

* Chorus:

At War With the World As This Life Unfurls
Ooh, Better Get Ready
At War With the World, As This Life Unfurls
Better Get Ready

Living Like a Hound Dog Who's Not Fed
Life's One Big Bed Baby
From the Trash Right On the Street and Anyone You Meet
Trying to Make the First Glance and I Doubt You Will Last
Caught You With Your Pants Down Fingers in the Till
I Guess I've Swallowed Life's Hardest Pill

* (Chorus)


*(Repeat Chorus Twice)

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