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Section 53, Row 78

Sauce Money

Riani: Hi Nanni its your granddaughter riani I love you and i miss you
Shadaria: Hi Nanni this is your grandaughter Shadaria, Love you and I miss you see when I get there
Teela: Hi mom this is your daughter Teela I love you, and I miss you


Sauce:I hope the scribe finds ya soul good Mom I love you, Miss you and i know i speak for the whole hood. ain nothin changed still shed tears I can believe ive been mourning your death going on close to 6 years. I think about that heavenly day as I meditate in section 53 row 78 Im obsessed to see you but i know its a process so until then miss God bless. Seems just like yesterday when i saw ya hope i made it crystal clear how I truly adore ya. I couldnt help it the other day i broke down to my lawyer wgy i tatooed my right arm 4 ya . He could understand all the time that was given. He couldnt understand the pain his mothers still living. He couldnt understand all the love that you gave to thee, sacrifices that you made for me while im singing.

Maverick(chorus): Mama your love lives inside of us and we'll be living inside your love, and i know you forvever will be watching from heaven above. Some times it gets ruff for us living without you here but i know we'll together again living inside of your love yeah yeah.

Sauce:I remember all throughout the mall we used to walk about the house down in Maryland that you used to talk about. One day Ima make in mind my only object to give you a better life and take you out of the project because you deserve better than pissy elevators stray shots from haters and roaches by the insinarators. Those nosey neighbors made you wanna run away main reason why i could never put my gun away. still could see the pain as soon as you busted in crushed within found out your baby boy was hustlin. I still quiver as the doctor deliverd news that made me shiver said the cancer spred through ya liver. The next day i cried hopin but i knew you was leaving when i saw you with your eyes open but wasnt breathing. Could you imagine taking your mothers hand. In a body thats colder than any winter ever known to man

Chorus 1x

Sauce: I draw strength from her death. Go to live for her breath, when im wrong drop to my knees and repent till im fresh. September6th music represent to my best. Stay focused and play the hesitant to the left.Conversations with God now its not quite the stess. Gave me the reassurance that my life was blessed because Ive been in the tight spot thats with enough pain for 10 Annies thats why I write hot and win grammies. Corageous enough to throw my chest to a block, fortunate enough to throw a lex to my pops. I got so much love i can rest on my block. Break day and fall asleep on the bench with my watch. Player hated eternally but i cant be stopped God , Moms, and me gotta reach the top.Conceal my staff, Cowards wanna squeal i laugh you will never know how real till you feel my wrath. feel my wrath.x2

Chorus 2x

Sauce: Yo hol on hol on lets take a minute to reflect on the whole thing you know Im going on 6 years with out my moms and thats a living hell you know thats a part of ya life that youll never get back. You know when she died apart of me died. You knw thats a pain that nobody needs to go through
yo we all gotta do it but while shes still her appreciate your mother and love your mother ya herd me I need yall to feel me on this one yo Im out 1 love

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