I got blind but now i see
Some other things to believe
Deep inside you will find
Another reason to this fight

Someday we gonna die
You don't must begin to cry
Take on time, free your mind
And stop to agonize

Open your eyes
You choose your fate
Make your own way in this life

The power in your mind takes to a higher place
You can trace your way, you all must have some faith
And there's a man beside, who gave you other chances
Take off all your pride or fall

You think you are made of gold
But some more years you gonna be old
Time is coming, you can trust
All your bones will turn to dust

I was alone and tried to find
Someone to be my guide
Ask he, he will reply
What's the reason to this life

This time you'll find your way
If you fail is only your blame
Take your mind out of this cage
Stand up and choose your fate!

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