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Make Me Crazy


Must have picked the stars out of the sky
And left them in your eyes.
Boy i'm thinkin' bout you every day and every night.
And I love the way you drive
Me insane.
Make me laugh, make me love
Make me crazy.
I feel alive
Because you're the only one
To drive me wild, wild
And i can't deny
I love the way i'm all mixed up inside

It's the way that you make me crazy
(it feels so right cos it's you now baby)
You got it all going on
(with all the little things that will make me crazy)
Just the way that you make me feel
(i feel so alive for the first time, baby)
When you make me crazy
You got me baby

Should've seen it coming from a million miles away, and now
I'm upside down and inside out
With what you do to me (with what you do to me)
Never been so in love and so unsure
You lift me up, tear me down
still I love you more
Can't deny
I've come to love the way you mess me up inside


Baby, I can't work you out
(baby i can't work you out)
Cos i never ever loved someone like you before
(guy like you before)
And now i can see things straight
Cos everytime i clear my head
(everytime i...)
You spin me round again

CHORUS - repeat x2

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