Foto do artista Scars To Prove

Planes To Atlanta And The World

Scars To Prove

On and on, she says, "it'll be okay"
It's coming straight from the heart
"what's the use?" she says, "it's not the same,
like playing games with my heart"

I want you to feel the same
And it's backwards and not these games
It's a v-line straight to you

Thanks for your advice, it's only time that can tell
How hard your heart can become
What's more important than your best friend?

Backseat next to a person that is blind
When it comes to my mind
And it's over and over again, you're not the one
That says that I can stay

But on and on, in my room
Watching the clock as you fade away from
My memories in space and time

But I can't lie, not this time, can't go into my life

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