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You're lying through your teeth it doesn't seem to be
That bad until a good friends
Corpse is lying on the floor.
I can't seem to get by when
All i'm living on is fake
Smiles. we all seem to be on
Top of our own little worlds,
But that won't last long for
Most of us. we all tend to be
A little too into ourselves,
But that won't last long that won't last long. an eternity

It seems, and it's starting
To become that bad. it's
Taking too long, and i am
Impatient. i can't seem to
Get by when all i'm living on
Is lost miles. shut your
Mouth and listen. there's no
Time for reminiscing, because
Thinking of the past never
Changed a thing. something's
Coming over me, to see
Between the lines you'd never
Read. something's coming over
Me, to read between the signs

You'd never see, and see
Between the lines you'd never
Read. we all fall back, and
Step in line. we all fall
Back, and step in line.

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