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He Said She Said

Scene 23

She said shed love me forever
He said that we were together
She told me I was the only one
She told me I'm not the only one
She said that I could believe her
He said that he wasn't with her
And it's all messin' with my head
In your window, he said she said

I can't make up my mind
which one is telling lies
is she coverin' my eyes
and the truth I need to find, yeah

I just can't take it baby
look what you've done to me now
You know you drive me crazy
look what you've done to me now
Keep pushin' pullin' baby
look what you've done to me now
if you don't want me baby
can't take all these he said she said

She's in my one ear
giving the other
has he been faithful
or is she his lover
baby, there's no need to worry (worry)
I'm scared that he's gonna hurt me
How could you do it baby

It's killin' me inside
which one is tellin' lies
and the truth I need to find
how could I be so blind, yeah?

(Repeat Chorus)

It's tearin' me apart
quit playin' with my heart
girl could love be so hard to find
all that i go through
you get me so confused
your pushin' me and pullin' me
Why's he saying all these things about you?

(Repeat Chorus) 3x

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Composição: Alexander Greggs / Bradley Daymond / JC Chasez / Rodney Jerkins. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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