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Eternity In Torment

Scent Of Flesh

Bow - in front my dominions grouns
My triumph of immortal life
As my servants of the dark
Will make you one of mine
Feel pleasures what i seek
Those temptations of the weak
For you my mortal ones
Beware my chilren of the night

Pain - that everlasting disgrace
Shall be your only faith
For me you only breath
For me you live
Suffer by my command
Bleed by my will
As my humble servant
Obey only me

Scream - sweet music to my ears
Ambrosia on my feast
My blade is shining bright
As it rips off your rotten corpse

Stains of blood on a ice cold stone in a altar
Sacrificial monument of death
Echoes in air speaking language of the death, only mourning
(misery and torment)
Entering to hall seeking pleasures of torture, flesh and blood
Tomb of mutilated corpses
Dawn of terror, suffered souls armageddon
Regenerate the dead

Sleeping, again i dream of death and disorder
Screams of despair, agonizing sound of pain
Fear and displeasure
Torment, in lake of flames they're burning my soul
Mutilated, torn apart
In death i rise
And open my eyes
Behold through the darkness
Thousands seas of blood
Eternity in torment

Servant of the dark, loyal demon of blood
Immortal creature i've become
Desire for pain gave birth to this slave
From depths i shall rise

You shall feel my might
Pleasure that keeps me alive
Lust of flesh and blood
I shall show you meaning of fear and pain

I am eternity
I am lost
I am darkness
Abyss by my side
Forever i shall be

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