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Odds Are (Two To One)

Andrew Schore

Here we are
You and I
he starry sky

Not too warm
Not too cold
Not too perfect,
I am told

I see that look, in your eyes
There's something there, that defies--
Everything thing that I stand for
Everything and even more

Odds are, two to one
Doesn't really matter if you're on the run--
From that broken heart that's been left for so long
From that broken heart which was treated so wrong

I agree, he was so cruel
That doesn't mean, that I'm a fool
I know you are so afraid
That I will make the mistakes he made

We both know, it's be tough
On two hearts that's had enough
You don't know if you can confide
In another guy, don't run and hide


I look again
At your face
My heart begins
a speeding race

Your image under--neath the moon
Your soul in mine very soon

Hard to believe
We just met
Hard to believe
Now I'm set

With my one, true love here
With my one, oh so near


Here we are
You and I...

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