I like the way it's hard
I love the way it's loud
Noone understands what the fuck I am about
Just step into the place
And hear what I say
I spit with the lyric no time for delay

Slam rock with the jungle man to man
With the jam
You know who I am
When me come me coming rough
You know how to pop
Be there
I drop the video rap

For sure I got my clan
To really give a damn
On my own mission
I fight like a man
Doin' it for myself
Not for the industry
Check for the rhythm
And through the MIC

Slam rock with the jungle hand to hand
Hummin' a bum
'Cause I got the jam
When me come me coming rough
I got the stop
Be there
Let's shuffle in the air

Raise your hands up to the roof
Raise your hands up in the air

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Composição: Alessandro Neri / Domenico Canu / H.P. Baxxter / Jens Thele / Marco Baroni / Michael Simon / Rick J. Jordan / Sergio Della Monica / Simon Anthony Duffy. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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