Been a long time now we're face to face
The law tore me down and I'm going away
Every piece of it hurts and I know it babe
I have become convinced there's no other way

And every piece of it hurts

Hold you close here where I stand
I tried for one last breath
I've been awake for days and nights
And I know what's true
Destiny is never free but maybe fate's confusing me
Bring it closer show me who you are

Monotone chromium revelator
Hang my head in shame
Monotone chromium revelator
Take my cares away

And every piece of it hurts

Now to the mirror for one last look
At what I burned away
And took the planet's every heart beat passing by
Life is bordered every side
I don't exist between the times
I said farewell friends, don't you know me?

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