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words are stirring your anger's burning you could really use a slogan right now eighteen and feeling pretty mean cause you're sick and fucking tired out being pushed around and around up and fucking down you wanna believe there's an answer well there's not and the funny thing about it is that two hours later they're just words that you seem to have forgot don't think about what's right or wrong just leave the thinking to your boss do what you're supposed to now your heart is pounding your feet hit the ground you wanna see some action right now feeling strong gonna right some wrong gonna raise your banner and stand up tall and proud don't tell me ideology has a thing to do with it you like to think you're different but you're all one fucked up power trip and i really don't give a shit what you happen to believe in now you can finally begin to feel like you fit in don't ever listen to yourself you'll fuck it up just like you always do someone will be there to explain your job so do it

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