Sometimes I find I'm thinking just fine
I focus but can't feel it in my head
Its in my head
People sigh when walking on by
that poor kid's got a ticket that made of lead
Its made of lead
Broken so I let the hurt go
Just tired of taking beatings in the dark

See the world as a ghetto
Glass thats broken and forgot

Common places unrecognized faces
On a night like thousands came before
So here it goes what everyones knows
Our dark side's not so easy to ignore
Indiscretion meets the morning
Too late to change its left its mark

I still can't sleep still looking for
What i think i need
You know i tried but they've still got
that look in thier eyes [x2]

I don't want I don't need
Whats this in front of me? [x2]

[Repeat 1st Verse]

[Repeat Chorus x2]

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