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A Slow Soul

Scritti Politti

You, you who have no-one
There is nothing I can tell you that you need
You want for nothing
There is no-one I can show you any better

Each time you take it
It gets so hard, it gets so very hard to do - oh and
Each time we break it
Much greater than before

You, you heard all those sweet things
But you know too much to ever let it happen
You know how to listen
How to look and find there's no-one worth your worry

Every time you wake up
It's every time I see there's somethin' left to do - oh and
You who have nothing
Much greater than before

(Don't need what you want)
(Don't want what you need)
You better think twice and I'll call you at home
No-one to blame - not one single thing
There isn't something to make you go home

(Know that I love you)
I don't understand

(Know that I need you)
It's just much too bad

You who have no-one
Much greater than before

You stuck in North London
Your days will drag and linger for a lifetime
You know too much baby
Than to think his gentle arms will make it better

It's gonna beat you
You've seen too much to ever get to feel at ease - oh and
Y'can't get away baby - oh no
As easy as before

Please don't settle for less
You're the only thing I know I really need
You - I guess you get lonely
But I know your heart won't settle for a second

But you got more sickness
It gets so hard it gets so very hard to do - oh and
But you got more sadness
Much greater than before

Please don't forget - oh no

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