C'Mon Ye Boyz In Green


Cead mile failte, aris mo chara
Pack up your bags tell your partner sayonara
Slainte my brother have another cold one
We're bouncin' to Japan
We'll be coming from New York and Glasgow
London and Toronto, Belfast and Ballymun
What can I say a invasion's underway
To the land of the rising sun
Number one, itchi ba in Japanese
Itchi ba supporters, itchi ba team
Win, lose or draw loyal to the core
No matter the score
Tell papa san to pour some more
Oh mother dear I'm over here
I might never be coming back
What keeps me here is the sushi and the beer
The geishas and the craic

So let's get it on in two-oh-ha two
We're heading to Japan with a serious crew
I wanna hear you shout I wanna hear you scream
C'mon c'mon ye boyz in green!
C'mon c'mon ye boyz in green!
C'mon c'mon ye boyz in green!
C'mon ye boyz in green!

Hip-hop-a-hip-hop-a-hip-hop olé!
Let me tell you about the Irish team with no delay
For a start they got heart serving goals a la carte
On the case at a fierce pace, quit gruntin' I'm frontin'
Or I'll give you the gas face
They're slammin', they're jammin', foes beat is slammin',
You just can't beat 'em
You can even try to beat cheat them
So sit back relax have some sake and some fried fish
Just remember that you'll never beat the Irish!

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