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Make No Mistake

Seeded Crown

Now who's fake, make no mistake,
Now who's fake, make no mistake
About who the fuck you think you are,
How the hell come its gone this far
Chose my life to my despair,
Now I'm living in this nightmare
How can I let it go on this long,
When I know what I'm doing is wrong

Why, do I let this, go on

On and on, I'm sure I won't stop,
And if I can't, I got to the top
Humor me like mother fucking down,
Isn't there anyone around
Who can save me? Maybe I'm crazy,
Maybe you phase me, maybe you amaze me
No one can save me, I'm just lazy, maybe I'm crazy
No one

Why, do I let this, go on

What's it gonna take, for you to see

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